Technical polymers 


WMK from Germany is compounding a wide range of technical compounds and engineering plastics. Standard they supply their finished materials in natural and black but also in all conceivable colors to meet with the clients requirements. For reinforcements and stabilization WMK makes use of different fillers, like stabilizers, minerals, glass beads and fibers or the combination of them.

Weromid PA6
Weromid PA6.6
Weroform POM
Werotherm PBT
Werolon PC
Werotherm ABS
Weroblend PC/ABS


PA 6

Akulon F223D natural
Akulon K224G6 black
Akulon K224G6 natural
Akulon K224HG6 natural
Durethan B30S black 901510
Durethan B30S natural 000000
Durethan BKV15H 2.0 black 901510
Durethan BKV30H 2.0 black 901510
Durethan BKV30H 3.0 natural 000000
Ultramid B3WG6 black 00564
Ultramid B3WG6 uncoloured

PA 6.6

Durethan AKV30H 2.0 black 901510
Durethan AKV30H 3.0 natural 000000
Minion 10B140 black BK61
Minlon 10B140 NC10 natural
Minlon 11C140 NC10 natural
Technyl A218V30 black 21NS
Technyl A218V30 natural
Ultramid A3WG6 black
Ultramid A3WG6 natural
Ultramid A3X2G5 natural
Zytel 101F NC10 natural
Zytel 101L NC10 natural
Zytel 101L black BKB080
Zytel 103HSL NC10 natural
Zytel 103HSL black BKB080
Zytel 70G20HSL NC10 natural
Zytel 70G30HSL black BK39B
  Zytel 70G30HSL NC10 natural
Zytel 70G30HSLR black BK99
Zytel 70G30HSLR NC10 natural
Zytel 70G35HSLR A4 black 267
Zytel 70G33HSL black BK99
Zytel 70G33HSL NC10 natural
Zytel 70G35HSL black BK39B
Zytel 70G35HSL NC10 natural
Zytel 70G35HSLX black BK357
Zytel 70G50HSLA black BK39B
Zytel 79G13HSL black BK39
Zytel 79G13L NC10 natural
Zytel 80G33HS1L black BK104
Zytel FR70G25V0 black BK369
Zytel FR72G25V0 black BK345
Zytel ST801 black BK010A
Zytel ST801 NC10A natural

PA 4.6

Stanyl TW200F6 black 11000
Stanyl TW200F6 natural

Brands available from Stock:
Well-known trade-mark polymers are maintained in-stock but are only a partial representation of our polymer library. All our brands are as a matter of course in the original packaging, provided with a certificate of analysis. 
Brandnames are property of the manufacturer


Santoprene 101-55
Santoprene 101-64
Santoprene 101-73
Santoprene 101-80
Santoprene 101-87
Santoprene 111-45
Santoprene 201-55
Santoprene 201-64
Santoprene 201-73
Santoprene 201-80
Santoprene 201-87
Santoprene 8211-55


Hytrel 4056 NC10 natural
Hytrel 4068 NC10 natural
Hytrel 41CB black
Hytrel 5526 NC10 natural
Hytrel 5556 NC10 natural
Hytrel 6356 NC10 natural
Hytrel 7246 NC10 natural
Hytrel 8238 NC10 natural
Hytrel G3548 NC10 natural
Hytrel G3548L NC10 natural
Hytrel G4774 NC10 natural
Hytrel G5544 NC10 natural


Elastollan 1185 A10 natural


Lexan 103R-111
Lexan 121R-111
Lexan 123R-111
Lexan 141R black 701
Lexan 141R-111
Lexan 143R-111
Lexan 144R-111
Lexan 144R-112
Lexan 163R-111
Lexan 3412R black 739
Lexan 3412R grey 73223 (RAL 7035)
Lexan 3414R black 739
Lexan 500R black 739
Lexan 500R grey 73223 ( RAL 7035)
Lexan 500R natural 13201
Lexan 503R black 739
Lexan 503R grey 73991
Lexan 915R naturel 11221
Lexan 920 black 701 


Lexan 920A-110 transparent 
Lexan 940 black 701
Lexan 940A-110 transparent
Lexan 943A-110 transparent
Lexan 953A-110 transparent
Makrolon 2207 transparent 550115
Makrolon 2405 black 901510
Makrolon 2405 transparent 550115
Makrolon 2407 transparent 550115
Makrolon 2458 transparent 550115
Makrolon 2805 black 901510
Makrolon 2805 transparent 550115
Makrolon 2807 transparent 550115
Makrolon 6557 transparent 550115
Makrolon 8025 natural 000000
Makrolon 8035 black 901510
Makrolon 9415 black 901510
Makrolon 9415 naturel
Makrolon 9425 black 901510
Makrolon 9425 natural 000000


Bayblend FR3000 naturel
Bayblend T45PG natural
Bayblend T65 black 901510
Bayblend T65 natural 000000
Bayblend T65XF black 901510
Bayblend T85 black 901510
Bayblend T85 natural 000000
Cycoloy C1200HF naturel 16100
Cycoloy C2100HF black 76701
Cycoloy C2800 black 76701
Cycoloy C2950 black 76701 


Xenoy CL300 grey 76052


Delrin 100 black BK402
Delrin 100 NC10 natural
Delrin 100AL NC10 natural
Delrin 100P black BK602
Delrin 100P NC10 natural
Delrin 100ST black BK602
Delrin 100ST NC10 natural
Delrin 100T black BK602
Delrin 100T NC10 natural
Delrin 127UV black 701
Delrin 127UV NC10 naturel
Delrin 500 NC10 natural
Delrin 500AL NC10 natural
Delrin 500CL black BK601
Delrin 500CL NC10 natural
Delrin 500P black BK602
Delrin 500P NC10 natural
Delrin 500T black BK602
Delrin 500T NC10 natural

Delrin 511P NC10 natural
Delrin 525GR NC000 natural
Delrin 527UV black BK701
Delrin 527UV NC10 naturel
Delrin 570 NC000 naturel
Delrin 577 black BK000
Delrin 900P NC10 natural
Hostaform C13021 black 14
Hostaform C13021 natural
Hostaform C13031 natural
Hostaform C2521 black 14
Hostaform C2521 natural
Hostaform C27021 natural
Hostaform C52021 natural
Hostaform C9021 black 10/1570
Hostaform C9021 black 14
Hostaform C9021 natural
Hostaform C9021 SOEK

  Hostaform C9021AW natural
Hostaform C9021GV1/10 natural
Hostaform C9021GV1/30 black 14
Hostaform C9021GV1/30 natural
Hostaform C9021GV3/20 natural
Hostaform C9021GV3/30 natural
Hostaform C9021K natural
Hostaform C9021LS black 10/1570
Hostaform C9021LS natural
Hostaform C9021M natural
Hostaform C9021SW natural
Hostaform C9021TF black 14
Hostaform C9021TF natural
Hostaform C9021XAP black 14
Hostaform C9021XAP natural
Hostaform EC140XF
Hostaform S9364 natural
Kepital F20-03 natural
Kepital FG20-25 natural
Ultraform N2320.003 natural


Noryl 731 black 701
Noryl GFN1 beige 801
Noryl GFN1 black 701
Noryl GFN1520V black 73701
Noryl GFN1630V black 73701
Noryl GFN2 black 701
Noryl GFN3 beige 801
Noryl GFN3 black 701
Noryl GFN3V black 73701
Noryl GFN3V grey 960
  Noryl GTX820 black 75701
Noryl GTX830 black 75701
Noryl N110 black 701
Noryl SE0 black 701
Noryl SE1 black 701
Noryl SE1 grey 960
Noryl SE1GFN2 black 701
Noryl SE1GFN2 grey 960
Noryl SE1GFN3 black 701
Noryl SE1GFN3 grey 960
Noryl V0150B black 701


Crastin LW9030 black BK851
Crastin S600F10 NC10 natural
Crastin SK602 NC 10 natural
Crastin SK603 NC10 natural
Crastin SK605 black BK851
Crastin SK605 NC10 natural
Pocan B3225 black 901510
Pocan B3225 natural 000000
Pocan B3235 black 901510
Pocan B3235 natural 000000
Pocan B4225 black 901510
Pocan B4225 natural 000000
Pocan B4235 black 901510
Pocan B4235 natural 000000
  Valox 310SE0 natural 1001
Valox 325F natural 1001
Valox 357X natural 1001
Valox 420 black 7001
Valox 420 natural 1001
Valox 420SE0 black 7001
Valox 420SE0 natural 1001
Valox 457X black 7001
Valox 855 black 7001
Valox DR48 black 7001
Rynite 530 NC10 natural
Rynite 530 black BK503
Rynite FR530L black BK507
Rynite FR530L NC10 natural


Plexiglas 7N clear
Plexiglas 8N clear
Plexiglas 8N DF23 natural
Plexiglas 8N OQ clear
Plexiglas ZK5BR clear

High Tech

Torelina A604WR black (Potable water ACS certificate)
Fortron 1140L4 natural
Fortron 1140L4 black SD3002
Ryton R4 black
IXEF 1022-0008 natural
IXEF 1022-9008 black
Grivory GV-5H natural
Grivory GV-5H black
Grivory GV-6H natural
Grivory GVX-65H black
Grivory HTV-4H1 natural
Grivory HTV-5H1 black


Hostacom M2 N01 natural
Hostacom M2 N01 black
Celstran PP LGF 40 natural