Lifocolor MASTERBATCHES are concentrated color and additive preparations, that are added to plastics at a specified dose.
Tailored to the raw material, production requirements, and processing parameters, a special pigmentation guarantees compliance with the specific color tolerances after the manufacturing process and also during use.
Apart from pure coloring, the addition of suitable masterbatches facilitates individual polymer stabilization and the realization of additional material properties (functionalizing).
Depending on your individual requirements, coloring agents and additives can be offered in a product or in a multifunctional batch. On one hand, this is a cost-effective solution and on the other, the proper color tone ensures the required addition of additives.

The design of all Lifocolor products is based on the selection of suitable carrier polymers, additives and coloring agents, with the cost-effectiveness of the end product and the respective processing parameters being taken into account.

The current Lifocolor "Colorthek" library includes more than 50,000 documented color formulations and effects categorized according to plastic types.


Lifocolor COMPOUNDS are only needed when special requirements make large quantities of colors and/or additives necessary.

Functionalizing and Coloring of ESD Shipping Containers

High-value electronics must be protected from ESD risks i.e. against current pulses due to electrostatic discharge. With the help of application-specific formulations based on conductive black and dissipative conducting additives, the electrical properties of the polymers can be adjusted selectively. Surface resistances of 100 to 1010 Ohm enable insulating, derivative and conductive (shielding) material properties.

Functionalizing, Stabilizing and Coloring for Special Applications

Lifocolor's specialty program contains a very broad product range, including magnetic, flame-retardant, heat-resistant or antibacterial properties, or a combination of these. We would happy to develop custom solutions with you and offer support right down to the final product.

Functionalizing, Stabilizing and Coloring of Synthetic Turf

Synthetic turf is being used increasingly in world football. Special preparations of LIFOCOMP SPORTS EDITION for manufacturing plastic bands and filaments for synthetic turf satisfy the highest requirements for weather resistance, color precision, and wear resistance. Special types also satisfy the requirements of international sports associations such as FIFA® or UEFA®.



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